Health Specials

Nigerian cop, CSP Dauda Buba Fika

Nigerian hospital treats man for ‘large brain tumour’ that was never there — Patient

The hospital says it will not respond to the allegations of wrong diagnosis levelled against it by the police officer.

8th Annual Scientific Conference and General Meeting of the Epidemiological Society of Nigeria (EPiSON2019)

EPiSON2019: Experts discuss advancing Nigeria’s primary healthcare services using epidemiology research (LIVE UPDATES)

The session as part of main event of the 8th Annual Scientific Conference and General Meeting of the Epidemiological Society of Nigeria (EPiSON2019).

Subomi Balogun hall where the event will hold.

Babatunde Osotimehin Legacy Forum: Health experts discuss Family Planning in Nigeria (Live Updates)

The event will focus on advocating for more investment and inclusion in family planning strategies in the country.

Gambo Gumel Aliyu new NACA DG.

PROFILE: Gambo Gumel Aliyu takes over as new NACA director-general

Mr Aliyu is an associate professor in the Institute of Human Virology, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Group picture with the NIPSS crew after Monday's study tour.

#PHC4UHC: Nigeria’s policy experts tour primary health institutions

The project is coordinated by NIPSS in collaboration with the Development Research and Project Centre (DRPC).

Pregnant woman used to illustrate the story.

Preeclampsia: A pregnant woman’s nightmare

Medical doctors say early presentation is vital for successful case management of the killer disease

Sex workers used to illustrate the story. {PHOTO CREDIT: Daily Post Nigeria]

PrEP: HIV ‘prevention’ drug many Nigerians need, don’t know about and can’t afford

The medication, which prevents infection from HIV is not readily available in many healthcare facilities.

Couple holding hands used to illustrate a marriage

Six common sexually transmitted infections

STIs are spread predominantly by sexual contact, including vaginal, anal and oral sex

Picture of the environment at the National Hospital

Untreated, recurrent STIs increase risk of HIV infection – Experts

WHO estimates that more than a million people across the world acquire STI every day

Cross section of the general auditorium during a section in Kigali convention centre.

Views From Rwanda: Why African countries should improve welfare, capacity of Community Health Workers

The WHO and other health experts suggest how best to treat Community Health Workers.


When is the right time to take drugs: Before, after or with meal?

Experts speak about the appropriate relationship between drugs and food.

Karishi General hospital

PEP: The HIV ‘prevention drug’ many Nigerians don’t know about

Despite the availability of these preventive drugs in hospitals, many Nigerians continue to get infected with the dreaded ailment.

Diane Gashumba, Minister of Health of Rwanda speaking at the opening ceremony of the event on Monday. The ministry is a co-host of the event.

#AHAIC2019 (LIVE UPDATES): Nigerian delegation holds session to bridge child, family health funding gaps

Nigeria hosted the 2001 conference now known as “the Abuja Declaration”, where African leaders pledged at least 15 per cent of their annual budgets to their health sectors.

Map of AFrica

Global Fund for Health: How seven African countries squandered millions of foreign aid

An audit report last year revealed how aid money disappeared in the hands of corrupt officials

Kaduna local barbers shaving their customers

SPECIAL REPORT: Inside the unsafe haircutting practices in Nigeria (2)

Despite the prevalence of these practices in some parts of Nigeria, experts highlight the risks.

Oseremen Aisuodionoe-Shadrach, health expert on prostate cancer.

World Cancer Day: What men should know about prostate cancer — Professor

Prostate cancer is a leading cancer diagnosis and cause of cancer-related deaths among men

Ogbonna Chimela

Health stories that made the headlines last week

Some of the major health news last week include a threat of a strike by Nigerian health workers and the outbreak of Lassa Fever in the country.

Minister of Health, Isaac Adewole

INTERVIEW: How we’ll disburse Basic Health Care Provision Fund to states — Health Minister

The minister also speaks on the implementation of the health act.

Vaccination used to illustrate the story

How Nigeria fared in surveillance, management of communicable diseases in 2018

PREMIUM TIMES analyses how Nigeria fared in 2018 in the surveillance, prevention and management of six diseases.

Tabitha Mparime recently in New York at the Global Citizen’s Movement Maker Summit

INTERVIEW: How we’re tackling sexual violence in Uganda – Activist

Tabitha Mparime recently in New York received an award and a $50,000 cash prize for her work in Uganda.

dRPC, health experts, others discuss family planning in Nigeria (LIVE UPDATES)

The conference is a biannual event where family planning experts, government officials, donors converge to discuss services in the country.


World Diabetes Day: Nine things to do to avoid disease

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing chronic non-communicable diseases in the world.